Friday, April 17, 2009

Sunny Day - Power on!!

I woke up with the sun streaming in through the skylight in my bedroom. I lay there thinking in anticipation of being out in the sun. I didn't want to waste one moment inside. But then as I lay there, aches and pains from my week attempting to get back into a workout routine began creeping up on me.

......suddenly I's Friday...time to see Dr. Henri of Power On Chiropractic and Nutrition That was definitely worth going indoors for. I've been seeing Dr. Henri since October when I was suffering from asthmatic bronchitis, something I battle with every winter from October straight through to April.

I have seen such an improvement in my health since I started getting adjusted, that although I have always believed in the power of chiropractic, I have never had such dramatic results before; even my chronic insomnia has improved. But it is not just the long term effects that have me hooked. The immediate pain relief is such an incentive, I actually look forward to keeping my appointments.

So now I am less achy and all ready to enjoy the sun and Power On!!

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