Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring gets skipped!

Nice weather just in time for Earth Day (yesterday) and Arbor Day(today). Tomorrow is going to be summer weather in the 80's. Now I am not complaining...(well I am, a little, mostly because my legs are just not ready for shorts....a pasty gray color that one can only obtain from a winter in the Northeast). OK so what's the deal?...every year we go straight from Winter coats to shorts. What happened to Spring? It has become elusive.

I want to savor the Spring; marvel as my environment turns from gray and dismal to a cacophony of colors and vibrance. I'm not ready for summer. I love the summer....but part of the joy of spring is that it ALL lays before us; spring in all it's glory, followed by summer vacation, warm nights and sprinklers showering dry lawns, sprinkled with the laughter of children.

I guess this is all a metaphor of sorts. Life moves too fast. My poodle is turning gray, my boy is becoming a man, and I too am changing at break neck speed. But I am wiser too. And in my wisdom I realize that we have to savor each season, each phase, each era. Now is all we have....the precious present. Seize the moment. Enjoy. It's going to be 86 degrees tomorrow...I better go tan those legs.;-)

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