Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hope for the future....

I think back to when house prices were soaring, jobs were abundant, and the world seemed to be riding high. Little did we all know that behind the scenes there were situations that would lead to our collective unraveling. Who would have believed that a relatively safe investment in a boring old insurance company would end up being a disastrous choice or that our banking system would be in trouble, our planet in peril? So many variables that we never considered reared their ugly heads. How could we have known? How could we have not known? Scheming greed, glutinous hunger for power and money were covertly fueling a scenario that would take us to the pinnacle of crisis.

But with crisis also comes opportunity. So now, while spirits are down, and people are reviewing these occurrences feeling jaded and discouraged, I wonder if the opposite will hold true. It is my hope that this is the reality; that behind the scenes people are trying to live with greater integrity and honor. Perhaps people are taking stock of what they do have; family, health, faith, a deepened sense of community, and finding out what it is that they truly value. It could very well be possible that we are all learning to feel more compassion for one another, to be more charitable, to consider the planet above our wallets. An underground movement towards good....towards peace.....if it happened one way...then the opposite can be true as well......this is my hope.

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