Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Snacking Tips from Barbara Ann Grova

Q: How do I keep away from my kids snacks during the crazy summer days when regular meals don't happen?
A: No one enjoys cooking in the heat of summer. Both kids and parents are out and about and having a set meal time becomes more difficult. You find yourself nibbling at whatever is available. The important thing to do is Plan Ahead:
Buy fresh fruit and vegetables to cut up and store in the refrigerator for easy snacking and finger foods for kids.
Steer clear of buying packaged snacks with added sugars, fats and calories.
Serve cold foods in the summer. Smoothies are real quick and easy to make and nutritious too. Smoothie ice pops are a great treat! Email us for Barbara's Yummy Smoothie Recipes!
Snacking throughout the day is good for your body. It keeps your blood sugar levels steady and your metabolism balanced. But make sure that they are healthy choices for you and the kids!

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