Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nutritionist Barbara Ann Grova

So I am at a bar b que...the usual moves on....first it was babies, kids, talk of teens, divorces, gossip, progressing to current talk which is starting to gravitate towards aches, pains, and hot flashes. What a drag! How'd this happen so quick? It seems only yesterday that I was using my big sisters baptismal certificate to get into a bar (the drinking age was 18 so don't even ask how old I was...and thank god my kids don't read this blog LOL). Fast forward 3 decades and boom...sneaking into bars has been replaced with sneaking a nap in the afternoon. Oh brother!!!

Anyway, one of the bar-b-que guests starts talking about how she was having horrible peri menopausal symptoms with no relief from numerous doctors. She felt horrible and was so frustrated. Even her family started thinking that it was all in her head....but she didn't give up on herself....she started researching and found professionals who used natural methods to ease her discomfort. She was raving about her nutritionist who she loved and said helped to bring her life back to normal. I never heard anyone talk so passionately about their nutritionist. Who could this magician/wonder woman be? Our very own Barbara Ann Grova!!!

Well last week, a friend of mine called with complaints of "mid life" ailments. I immediately knew where to send her. Ladies, this is some very valuable information. When menopausal symptoms hit you like a ton of bricks....make sure you have this contact info ready. Combining knowledge and professionalism with kindness and understanding, Barbara Ann Grova is just what we need, just when we need it. Visit her page to learn more!

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