Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Fun from Ireland and Gannon

We may all have different definitions of ‘summer fun’ but few would choose weeding and fighting bugs in the garden as their first pick. So how do you make your landscape a summer haven instead of a summer job? Well the team of designers and installers at Ireland Gannon Associates has some suggestions. The best way to make your garden lower maintenance is by choosing your plants that you put in wisely. This concept of ‘the right plant, right place’ means choosing plants based on their cultural requirements (sun, water, hardiness and nutrients) and their natural growth habit so you don’t have to constantly be fighting to keep them alive or prune them to prevent them from taking over. Picking reliable, proven plants and planting them properly will mean less work down the road. For that reason Ireland Gannon has more N.Y.S. Certified Nursery/Landscape Professionals on staff then any company in the state, so their experts can help you design and install that ‘carefree’ garden. Having your beds mulched in the beginning of the season will help control weeds in the summer and keep the soil cool and moist in those hot summer months, and is another way to keep your maintenance down and your garden healthy.

And for maximum summer enjoyment, have the design team at Ireland Gannon create a summer retreat area complete with patio, seating, and shade trellis. (A pool never hurts either.) Enjoy your summer!

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