Thursday, July 8, 2010

She's Got the Magic Touch!

As I backed out of my spot in the parking lot of the Mindful Turtle something happened that hasn't happened in months; I was able to turn my head instead of merely relying on my mirrors. It wasn't until that moment that I realized I had had a problem. It was so liberating. I had been "stuck" and hadn't even known it. Looking behind me, I felt amazingly liberated. I could fully rotate my head without pain. Not like in the exorcist mind you, but enough that I had a clear view of what was behind me. Occasionally, it's good to see what's behind us, especially when driving!

So what brought about this amazing change? I had just had a "raindrop therapy treatment" with Bonnie Taub of Harmonized Health It was a relaxing, incredible experience which combined unique massage techniques with many essential oils. This treatment has multiple benefits, as I learned first hand. Ironically, I did not seek Bonnie out because of the trouble with my neck, rather to alleviate pain from a nasty fall I'd recently taken. I knew from experience that Bonnie has a special expertise. Earlier this year when I had a bad bout of pneumonia, I was unable to shake the lingering cough, even months later. Honestly, one treatment with Bonnie, and the last remnants of the illness disapated. It was amazing.

This time, when I ended up in a heap on the floor in my hall, limbs tangled all around me, I knew Bonnie could help. She has a unique expertise that targets specific problems as well as giving a general sense of well being. I always leave her office feeling mentally and physically better. Thank you Bonnie.!!!

You can meet Bonnie at our next networking event at Pentimentos on July 27th.

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