Monday, April 26, 2010

April Showers

Where, exactly, did April go? It was a blur of holidays, rain and school vacations. But all this rain has resulted in a riot of beautiful colors and scents. Good and bad, I suppose, in that allergies are at an all time high. But I'll take the occasional sneeze anytime. I just love spring! It's my favorite season. I think it's because I feel like "I've done my time" and now deserve the reward of warm weather, sunlight, and blooming trees. I also like that its not too hot yet, and all the nice months of beach days and school vacation lay in front of us. Fall is temperate, but the looming winter prevents me from enjoying it.

So what's going on in our little online village? Lots actually. Wendy is busy working away at a new page that is going to blow every one's socks off. Plus we have a new calendar that has received such and amazing response, I think because Wendy is a wizard when it comes to making ordinary information look beautiful. We also have new features available with easy online payment. You can attach coupons to the calendar now for a small fee. It's a great thing, especially considering you are reaching such a wide audience (over 3500 people).

We have lots of new members joining. Greg from Sunrise Assisted Living called me today and offered a beautiful room for our members to use if they need it. He's a brand new member and already getting in the spirit of It's a wonderful thing.

Find out why are little community is drawing so much attention. I think the hard times that people are facing make our back to basics-home town mentally quite comforting. Take a look and see what it's all about Mention the blog and get one month free when you sign up for 6

Happy Spring!!!

Post on our calendar for May

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