Thursday, March 25, 2010

"It's been a long cold lonely winter....."

Ya gotta love the Beatles. They succinctly put into words the passing of time, the passing of generations, the passing of human emotions. Every March, the lyrics of "Here Comes the Sun" ring true. And those of usso lucky to live on this little parcel of Island have so much to look forward to.

For me, I have been raging a battle with my lungs for six weeka; flu, asthma, pneumonia. I have just about had it with the cold and the winter bugs. But I know spring is coming, I see the 200 tulip bulbs I planted peaking up through the hard ground and I am filled with hope.

I passed the Setauket Pond yesterday and looked at it longingly. "I'll be there soon to have a picnic by your bank" I thought I heard myself say. I daydreamed of the swans that are so beautiful (but honestly a little nasty) that come up on the beach down by the Setauket boat ramp. I love them in spite of their barking orders at me (not unlike my dear friend Lisa). I pine for Friday night pizza at West Meadow beach with my neighbors from Spaulding Lane, watching the orange ball of fire sink into the Sound. What a beautiful place we live. All the seasons are lovely in their own way.....but "here comes the sun" The best time to live on Long Island...and boy does that make me happy.


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