Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heavenly Massage

Janauary is a notoriously dreary time for everyone. It's the second most unattractive month for women... (hang on ladies, because February is #1). It's bleak, cold, and unless you hop on a plane, no beach or pool time. In my book, the only redeeming quality about January is that some of my favorite people are born in the first month of the year (including me:).

I must say though, I have had a very upbeat feeling this midwinter. Life is good. Even still, stress abounds and it abounded it's way right into my neck and back! Add on top of that my New Years efforts to get in shape, and my whole body was aching. So, when my son asked me what I wanted for my birthday a few weeks ago...I did not hesitate. I wanted a massage. Christmas had left me with a new snuggie and pj's all I needed was a relaxed body to snuggle into them. So when I saw that Physical Therapy and Beyond was having an amazing special, I knew it was time to cash in my gift.

I love visiting our villagers from the site, and using their great services. I have never been to Physical Therapy and Beyond before, and was totally impressed with the cleanliness, atmosphere and friendliness of the staff. On top of all that, after an hour with Christina, I was literally floating off the table. Within the first few minutes the anxious stress knot in my chest dissolved, and my pains seemed to melt away. My mood improved. Boy, this was just what I needed. I love massages and Christina was amazing. She combined various techniques including deep tissue, amma therapy, accupressure while using scented oils with calming music in the background. It all did the trick to bring me down from my super keyed up state. What a great way to take the edge off the winter blues.

Valentines Day is coming up, and if anyone is wondering what to get this hardworking roving reporter, feel free to stop in at Physical Therapy and Beyond.....ok....it doesn't have to be for me... it makes a great gift for ANYONE!!! Keep an eye on our Calendar for special promotions from PT and Beyond as well as all our great villagers.

Off to bed...I have a feeling I will have a peaceful, calm sleep tonight. Thanks Christina!!!!

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