Thursday, July 2, 2009

Strange Times

Is it me or has this been a really odd intro to summer? First of all, with all this rain, it's amazing that I haven't turned into a prune. Humid weather is not good for my hair is frizzy, my skin is sallow and my mood is marginal. It just doesn't quite feel like summer. It seems we got jipped out of Spring with one of the rainiest Junes in over a century.

Then, we had that onslaught of celebrity deaths. Having all those 70's icons pass away within days of each other was just too sad. I remember hearing Ed McMahon's voice on the Tonight show filtering in from my mom's room when I was too young to even stay up that late. The Jackson Five (as well as the Partridge family) inspired the Zodiac Four, a little known singing group of that time period as well. Little known because it consisted of my sister Mary, our two friends down the block, and myself. We had no instruments and sang along with records, which theoretically is lipsinking except that we just drowned the singers out....and dazzled them with our Farrah Fawcett hairdo's. Boy oh boy...those were the days. Before Xbox's and cell phones, ipods and Facebook. Nice simple times. Good memories. And I am reasonably sure it wasn't raining non stop:)

Hope everyone has a safe, happy and SUNNY Fourth of July!!

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