Monday, June 8, 2009

Networking Night

Well our last Networking Night before the summer vacation is coming up on June 16th.
It's funny when this all first started at our ribbon cutting ceremony, at then Patty Buchanan's, who knew what it would evolve into? We had never really planned to do steady networking, but people seemed to really enjoy it and asked us to do more, so we did.

Here almost three years later, we are still at it, and having a ball. Each night is a little different. One night we had a fashion show from The Sweetleaf Boutique
That was a lot of fun. Before Mother's Day we had some of our villagers selling their wares. Our last one featured a talk from Bruce Chamoff of Hot Web Ideas about blogging twittering and increasing traffic to your own site. It's quite an eclectic group of people, ideas, and themes. Makes for a really fun, interesting and productive night.

The funniest thing is that I have grown so attached to all my "villagers;" Nelly, the famous cookie maker who called when I had the flu and wanted to bring me home made chicken soup. Scott Heaney from The Mill Creek Agency who was always happy to answer my insurance questions, even though he wasn't my broker (he is now though:). Dr. Gregory from Carriage House Chiropractic who I ran into at Target and helped me pick out a gift for my son. It sounds so hokey but it really is like an old time village or a modern internet family. I think it's just the greatest thing.

Anyway, come to Networking Night...and you will see what I mean.

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