Thursday, May 14, 2009

Media Blitz

Well that seemed to pass quickly. The whole swine flu thing. Now it seems that the whole topic has gotten relegated to silly emails joking about not eating pork, or making a play on words. Two weeks ago however, drug stores were running out of face masks and tamaflu. What power the media has! And we are so hooked in. It used to be that just the TV news was bad enough to spark hysteria. Now they come at us from all angles; the internet, radio, tv, word of mouth, texting, you name it. You can run but you can't hide.

Although information certainly is power, some days, don't you wish you knew just a little bit less? I don't need to know about every murder or possible catastrophe that might strike. It's unnerving to me. Sometimes it gets quite hard to shut it all out.

Don't you wish it was back in the old days when you would go off on your bike hearing your mothers voice in the distance saying "be home in time for dinner!" and the only distraction you had was swatting at bugs and keeping up with your friends on their bikes? Turn off the TV and sit on your porch tonight. Listen to the rain, hug your kids and drown out all the noise with peace and calm. It's all OK:)

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