Wednesday, October 28, 2009 -special friends

It could be said that I am biased, but really I am not. Many years ago, I worked for a now defunct mortgage company, and they were just unscrupulously dreadful. In spite of a very bad job market, and a new co-op mortgage, I had to leave. It made me sick knowing how they exploited people. So really, although I am the sentimental type I can be unbiased. The truth is that Wendy Martin conceived and built this beautifully visual site that conveys values of a past era that draws to it kind, wonderful people. It's pretty much as simple as that. And the people who come try to help and support each other. Networking nights are filled with whom I now consider friends, and light hearted laughter. It's a great place, a great concept and there is simply nothing else like it.

I have grown attached to the people in this online fictitious village. A transplant from Queens, this group has given me a great sense of belonging. John from Arbor Vista Tree Service came and trimmed up my whole property last week. I trusted him. He did a great job for a great price. Now I know, one less worry for me. John knows his trees. So I told him "John...once a year, come, tell me what I need and do it." I live in a veritable forest, I have no clue what needs what done to it. Having people who are experts in their field, and whom I trust make my life easier.

Scott Heaney is my insurance man. I like having an insurance man. It makes me feel like I live in Mayberry, or Green Acres or something. My son is thinking about buying his first car (way prematurely of course). With visions of Challenger's and Camaro's I told him "you better call up Scott and get advice, because the car you buy can really effect your insurance." He's fifteen, so I'll be the one to call Scott, but I know Scott won't steer me wrong. I called Scott last week at dinner time when a gardener cut his arm open in my yard and had to go to the ER. He calmed my hysteria. I am probably not the easiest client for him, but having people like this in my life is very comforting to me. Life is stressful. Have you noticed? Knowing the right people, great people, make it easier.

Today, I got a call from the son of our famous Nelly. You've probably met her at Networking Night, and if you sampled her cookies, you will never forget them. If you've had a conversation, you will never forget her. She is pure positive joy. Nelly has become a friend, as have so many of our villager's. She tutors my son in Spanish, feeds us dinner and sends Jake cookies when he needs cheering. Nelly is special. So when her son called me early this morning, I knew it probably was not so good. I don't really know what it is yet, but given her faith, determination and tenacity, I will have to assume she will be OK. As of this afternoon she was in SBU Hospital.
I ask that everyone reading this do whatever you do; pray, keep a good thought, eat a cookie (although I can guarantee you it won't be as good as hers:) Send good thoughts her way.

These are some the villager's - with stories, and personalities. No talking geckos or other gimmicks....just real people. Great people. Remember, in the end, we are all in this together. Wendy, thanks for creating "a place" for us to be and to find each other.

See you all at Networking Night, November 4th

Become part of the village!

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