Sunday, September 27, 2009

Support your local businesses!! That's us too!! started out as a place for local small businesses and artisans to affordably showcase/advertise their work. It was an idea that was actually ahead of it's time. Since it's inception, there has been a dramatic shift in the economic climate of the country which has made this concept all the more appealing.

Keeping commerce in our local community is good for all of us. Our "villagers" have embraced this idea in a big way. People tell me all the time that when they need a carpenter, gift, arborist, massage therapist or gynechologist, they always consult
You will observe at our Networking Nights, a commraderie like no other. Everyone is supporting eachother and cheering one another on. Anyone's individual success is an achievement for us all.

In allignment with this idea, we ourselves are a local business. As more and more websites pop up touting locality, they are often national conglomerates or companies not even in our own state. However, internet websites can be local businesses as well. That's us!! So when you are considering where to put your advertising dollars, remember we are part of your community.
Come be part of our village~!!!

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